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  1. The protection of the reserve is mainly ensured through basecamp operations. There are 23 such basecamps and 141 basecamp watchers established as of now in the most sensitive locations manned by tribal watchers including uniformed Beat subordinates.
  2. With the financial assistance of Central and State Governments, these camps have been strengthened/ facilitated with basic amenities such as cooking vessels, rest materials, uniform materials, gas connection, safety device for arms and ammunition, communication and water facilities, recreation facilities with regular ration supply for food provision in addition to wages and other allowances.

Foot Patrolling

Foot patrolling teams will be focusing on tiger movements, without disturbing the vegetation, monitor natural corridorsand established pathways. During each walk, foot patrol members are collecting information on illegal activities, snares encountered and poaching related activities on M-stripes application provided by National Tiger Conservation Authority. Illegal activities include signs of poaching, illegal farming, logging and grazing activities inside the reserve and documented, recorded on the M-strips application provided by NTCA.

River Patrolling

ATR is bordered by River Krishna to an extend of 120 km stretching from gunnampenta inmaddimadugu to somasila in kollapur. Forthurethe River Krishna also is a border between NSTR and ATR. To protect borders prevent illegal fishing, farming, logging, smuggling and grazing activities inside the reserve. We have three River patrollingteam boats equip with six patrolling teams to protect the habitat. Ensure forest and wildlife protection in river Krishna.

Fire control patrolling

To prevent & control forest fire we engage five Quick Response Teams (DuringFire season From February to May), to equipped with fire safety gloves, vehicle, beaters, blow airs etc. The concern fire team once on detection time rush to the fires site to dispose them off.  Where fire was occurred they move quickly and stop fire. In order to detect fire we constructed fire watch towers across the tiger reserve. The biggest threat to any wildlife sanctuary or a tiger Reserve is the fire.By engaging a large number of fire teams watchers during the fire season, swift action is being taken up to mitigate the Forest fires, thereby saving a large area of the Forest and Wildlife.

Vehicle Patrolling

Amrabad Tiger Reserve is a second biggest tiger reserve in terms of core area that is i.e 2611 From the heart of tiger reserve passes national highway 165 passes to an extend of 60 km thanks to the temple town, srisailama huge influx is seen especially during weekend and festivals. Littering of plastic waste and feeding of animals especially on monkeys, is a common practice,to prevent littering of wastes and feeding of animals a patrolling team equip with patrolling vehicle move along the highway alerting & educating visitors/ tourists.

Night Patrolling

Apart from regular patrolling during day time, we introduced a dedicated squad for night patrolling. This is to ensure 24/7 monitoring of illegal trespass into the forest. Monitor smullings, poaching, Night patrolling From Filed director to basecamp watchers are involving.