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Wild Dog


Integrated Developmet of Wildlife Habitat in Protected areas for Conservation of Asiatic Wild dog (Cuon alpinus) in Telangana State

This project aims to impart conservation efforts through the local communities by integrating traditional and scientific knowledge for the conservation of Asiatic Wild dog.

This project aims to strengthen the existing knowledge base by conducting status surveys in Amrabad Tiger Reserve of Telangana State. Here we propose to develop a long term research and conservation program focusing on the endangered dholes.

This survey is a first step in establishing the program. The survey aims to assess the current status of dholes in Telangana and threats to their conservation, and to identify areas/habitats important for long-term conservation of this species. The methodologies follows prey density estimation using line transect method and encounter rate and biomass and food habits, scat collection and identification of prey species and kill observations.


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