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Water Conservation

The Amrabad Tiger Reserve comes under Sothern Tropical Mixed Dry Deciduous Forests, Where the leaf litter begins in the early December. Artificial water bodies were constructed in every range in terms of grid basis with 2×2 radius in each beat, ensuring each grid contains a saucer pit, percolation tanks, check dams, and rock filled dams and solar bore wells.

  • Area is divided in to 4 Sq. Km grids.
  • Grids where it is not possible to provide artificial water source due to terrain are identified.
  • Grids having natural water sources are identified.
  • Grids adjoining the habitations are identified and on priority water sources are provided to mitigate the Man- Animal conflict.
  • All other grids where there is chance for providing water source are identified.
  • Artificial water sources provided – Saucer wells, Solar bore wells, Percolation tanks etc.

Due to heat, several animals die of thirst every year. To avoid this, decided to take precautionary steps. The presence of saucer pits, cement rings, and fodder plants. During this summer, the forest officials have built 250 saucer pits in each gird.

The different types of water conservation raised in Amrabad Tiger Reserve are:

1. Percolation Tanks

2. Check Dams

3. Rock Filled Dam

4. Chelimas

5. Solar Bore wells